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Sennen Tech | Data integration

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A Fully Integrated Management Platform for Offshore Wind

Sennen Offshore

Sennen Tech | Data integration

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Sennen Tech | Data integration

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Introducing the Sennen platform

  • Sennen data flow

    Multi datasource connection and job queuing engine
  • Sennen dashboards

    Beautiful and blazingly fast, fully customisable, real-time dashboards
  • Sennen ERP

    Online entity relationship designer and data driven forms
  • Sennen reports

    Fully automated multi-page reports

Sennen Offshore

A Fully Integrated Management Platform for Offshore Wind

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Live Status

Realtime data is combined into easily configurable dashboards to present the live status of your operations:

  • Turbine Status
  • Project output
  • Vessel location and experienced motion
  • Personnel position and activity
  • Progress of daily manifest / tasklist
  • Maximum cable temperatures
  • Current wave height versus forecast
  • Planned risk score and actual performance
  • Faults by category
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Plan and Execute

Import and centralise all open tasks so engineers can determine optimal prioritisation and allocation of resources.

  • View maintenance tasks for the whole site, planned or reactive
  • View turbine access ‘windows’ based upon weather forecast, water depth, wave height
  • Integrate vessel and personnel information and and live tracking
  • Automate daily manifest: task allocation, routing and drop off
Planning and execution screenshot

Risk Based Management

All operational improvements can be expressed in terms of risk.

Sennen’s dynamic risk tool allows the tracking and prioritisation of actions to address all aspects of commercial and technical risks. See the risk profile of your wind farm adjust automatically over time as risks are identified and and mitigation tasks are completed.

Seeing the results motivates the team and automatic Workflows can be set to chase overdue actions.

Transition Risk overview screenshot

Sennen — working with you

At Sennen, we think that a valuable information system should be configured around your needs and incorporate, not replace, your existing systems.

Sennen technology is designed for rapid customisation and development. Using the in-built editors your team can create new dashboards, configure relational databases and schedule emails with basic programming skills. They will build state of the art, online data management solutions at unmatchable speed.

Sennen is an open system.  It interfaces easily and shares data with the systems you already have.

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Getting started…

No project is too small. If you have all your basic systems in place, but need an improvement in visualisation, or function then a simple Sennen application can bridge the gap.

Want to find out more?

We believe that once you start with the Sennen framework, you’ll see the potential to get more from your data quickly and without a huge investment. If you want to know whether Sennen can help, get in touch.

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